Easily Booked Holiday

Hassle-free holiday-let booking system

Is your booking system deficient?

Easily Booked Holidays is here to help! Take a look at our availability calendar and booking service. We don’t charge a monthly fee so you only pay a per-booking fee, allowing you to access all of our service. On average the fee works out at less than 1% of the amount paid by your customer, but if you’re in the low-cost or short-stay business we are open to discuss our fees with you.

Once you’ve set your business up on our web site you can integrate the calendar directly on to your web site with only a minimal amount of knowledge - but don’t worry if you can’t figure it out - our support staff will happily help you out!

The calendar on your site will provide: availability of your lettings; soft or hard conditions (minimum number of nights or restrictions on arrival and departure dates); customizable pricing text visible to your potential customer.

If soft conditions are chosen then your potential customers will be able to raise an enquiry rather than book immediately.

Possibly unique to our service (we’ve not seen it anywhere else so far!) is being able to set up sub-divided lettings or dependencies across lettings. If, for example, you allow a whole-house booking or a single room B&B from within that house, booking one can adjust the availability of the other. Take a look at the booking page on http://www.les-taloches.com/booking... to see how this can work in practice.

Did we mention that we can take booking request Emails from other booking web sites and automatically create the booking record in your availability calendar? Never worry about double-booking again when you spread the word about your property over multiple outlets.

Still not sure? Why not get in contact. We’re not going to give you a hard sell - we know that getting your administration under control is important and we would love to work with you to make booking your holiday rentals a breeze for you and your customers!

This blog entry was posted on 23rd June, 2017 by the Easily Booked team