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Managing Whole-House and Room-Only Bookings - Rose Cottage Demo

Why constrain yourself to the concept of booking either your whole property or a single room? With Easily-Booked it’s possible to do both with complete integrity, and in this article we’ll tell you how.

First things first, what we’re describing here is a business model that wants to simultaneously offer the whole property or single rooms on a B&B basis - or alternatively allowing people to book one of two gites or both together (like our friends at Les Taloches) - just change the word “rooms” in the example below with “houses”, “gites”, etc. There are many other business models supported by Easily-Booked, which will be covered in future posts.

In our example today we’ll create a hypothetical B&B/whole house business called ‘Rose Cottage’ (which if sounds similar to your own business is pure coincidence!). Within the cottage we have 4 rooms which can be booked on a B&B basis. However, if a B&B room is booked then obviously that should prevent someone booking the whole house, and likewise booking the whole house will prevent any B&B bookings at all.

So, how do you go about this black-magic? Easy:

Step 1: Set up your individual rooms

It’s useful to build your business profile from the “smallest unit bookable” up; you can do it in reverse and start with the whole house, but this would require more clicks.

In the Easily-Booked Portal add a new property and enter the name of the room, for example “Sunrise room” and description, “Sunrise room (B&B, double bed with en-suite)”. Once the room is created you can also enter the booking conditions (must arrive/depart on particular days or have a certain number of nights stay) and prices (for the room booking only).

You may then go on to create three more rooms in the same way, e.g. “Sunset room”, “Blue Room” and “The Master’s Suite”.

You now have a 4 room (property) business where booking any one of these rooms doesn’t impact the ability to book the others.

Step 2: Set up your whole-house property

Now create the property for the whole house, called “Rose Cottage” and described as “Rose Cottage (self-catering whole house, sleeps 8)”. Here’s the important bit - once Rose Cottage has been created you can select all of the component rooms in the section which reads:

Availability depends on / Booking will also automatically book:

And that is it! Now, when someone wants to book the whole house the availability will be calculated not only in itself but all the rooms within, and when someone books either a room or the whole house it will affect the availability in the other direction also.

Important Note:

In this worked example we would not select “Rose Cottage” in the “Availability depends” section of the rooms. Creating a two-way dependency would change your business model and booking a single room would implicitly make all other rooms unavailable since the whole house would be unavailable on a single booked room.

See how this calendar looks on our Rose Cottage Demo below. Feel free to book rooms on our demo calendars - we promise not to hold you to keeping the reservations in these make-believe properties!

This blog entry was posted on 28th June, 2017 by the Easily Booked team