Easily Booked Holiday

Hassle-free holiday-let booking system

Service terms and conditions

This is a paid-for service provided by Conker-IT to registered clients. In signing up to use this service you agree to the following terms and conditions. Since use of the service requires use of the service web site, you also must agree to the terms of web site use (linked from the bottom of this page).


Each enquiry and booking made using the calendars in your account, and any optional extra booking form submitted, will result in a charge to your account per our pricing model.

You can mark periods of your calendars as 'closed' (unbookable) without charge within certain limitations: 1. you are permitted two closed periods per property of any length per year without condition. 2. Further closed periods can be made on request and will be allowed based on whether valid bookings have been made at the property. 3. Closed periods cannot be modified through your account once added. You may request modification of a closed period through Easily Booked support.

You must not seek to subvert the pricing model of this service by using closed periods for real bookings.

Payment of Fees

Fees are set out on the pricing page and may be changed at any time with 30 days notice to clients. If a change is not acceptable to you then you have the 30 day notification period seek resolution from us. If no resolution can be found within the 30 day period the account will automatically be suspended in order to ensure that the new pricing does not come into effect.

Some fees are paid for ahead of time: in order to use those services which rely on a 'credit' system the fee must be paid. We are not obliged to provide you with interim service until funds clear. However, if in the event that credits run out unexpectedly and outside your control, for example a sudden busy period on your web site, we may waive our right to suspend service, particularly if we have had no payment issues with you in the past.

Some fees are charged as a result of use and must be paid after the service has been supplied: In such cases we will send you an invoice by Email not more than once per two week period, allowing 30 days for payment. Failure to pay any part of the invoice without an agreement of deferment in place will result in your account being suspended and all services withdrawn and all credits forfeit. Whether credit for forfeiture occurs, and whether payment of the invoice will result in restoration of service, penalized or not, is entirely at our discretion based on the payment history of your account.

Once an account has been suspended you have 2 weeks to contact us and for a resolution to be found. Failure to find a resolution with the two weeks will result in account termination.